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Florida Generator & Air Compressor Distributor

Although our headquarters are in Jacksonville, we are proud to offer the highest quality generators and electrical service in the state of Florida. We have been fortunate to provide Generac and Gardner Denver equipment to such diverse customers as homes, businesses, and industries throughout the state for over 30 years.  We also pride ourselves in the level of service offered by our technicians who perform generator & compressor installation and maintenance to those home and business owners, too. 

We make it our mission to give people and communities throughout the Southeast U.S. region access to the dependable power supply and electricity generation they need to keep their homes, businesses and other critical services running at all times.

Plus, with our expert, comprehensive consulting and world-class customer service, Zabatt takes it beyond the sale to provide complete, dependable and ongoing backup power system solutions that meet your needs, with no hassle or headache.


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With the annual hurricane season, power outages are common in Florida. Purchasing a generator can keep your home powered during and after these storms. A generator is the perfect solution for anyone's storm woes. If you are ready to purchase a generator click here for more information.

Air Compressors:

Zabatt offers a full line of the most technologically advanced and energy efficient compressors available, all of which have been engineered for the utmost in durability and dependability. There are MANY types of air compressors, and our sales staff stands ready to guide you to the best possible equipment for your particular compressed air application. We then support these products with a friendly staff of factory-trained and authorized professional compressed air technicians.

Scroll Compressors:

Scroll compressors are 100% oil-free and are the best solution for many laboratory and medical compressed air requirements. In addition to their ability to run continuously, they require very little maintenance and operate at an extremely low noise level.

Reciprocating Compressors:

Reciprocating compressors are the answer for many commercial and industrial applications, and offer a rugged and low-maintenance approach for your compressed air supply. Reciprocating compressors come in both oil-lubricated and oil-less designs. This is the most popular and practical design for commercial and residential applications.

Rotary Screw Compressors:

Zabatt is a provider of commercial and industrial-rated rotary screw compressors, essential for supplying a continuous flow of compressed air crucial to industrial and manufacturing processes. Whether oil-free or oil-flooded equipment best fits your needs, we have an impressive variety of offerings.

Vacuum Compressors:

Zabatt can be your supplier for reciprocating and rotary screw vacuum needs, essential to many commercial and industrial processes. Vacuum is often used in the manufacturing process where the items being handled are required to be lifted or held down, in addition to various medical applications.

Rotary Vane Compressors:

Used in a wide variety of applications, the rotary vane is extremely durable and trouble-free. They offer simple construction, minimal space requirements, low maintenance costs, and renowned dependability, These can be found in commercial, industrial, and shipboard applications, and are used extensively in theme parks.

Centrifugal Compressors:

Zabatt is the exclusively authorized distributor for Cameron Compression Systems compressors and supplies in the state of Florida. Used in large industrial applications requiring very large volumes of compressed air, the centrifugal compressors we provide are at the pinnacle of compressed air production.

Air Dryers:

Zabatt has a great selection of compressed air dryers, which are utilized to remove the condensate inherent to compressing air in our hot, humid climate. We have refrigerated and desiccant air drying equipment, in a myriad of configurations. Our compressed air specialists can guide you to the most practical method of extracting the moisture from your compressed air, before it is introduced into expensive equipment where moisture could cause damage.

Filtration Products:

Zabatt is the best source for your compressed air filtration needs. Whether you are a small shop working with a single reciprocating compressor, or a large factory with several hundred horsepower worth of air compressors supplying thousands of cubic feet of air per minute, airborne contaminants are a concern which must be addressed. Removal of particles from the airstream is essential to safeguarding the quality of the product being produced, especially in a food or automotive painting application.

Breathing Air Equipment:

Zabatt is an authorized distributor for some prestigious breathing air products, including filtration panels designed to clean the compressed air and produce safe breathable medical/hospital grade D air, meeting the most stringent OSHA requirements. This is premium equipment designed to safeguard employees required to perform their jobs in hazardous atmospheres, like sand blasting and painting.

Compressed Air Accessories/Supplies:

We are also a distributor for many brands of condensate management devices, including zero loss drains, timed automatic drains, and oil/water separators. Let us help you lengthen the service life of your air receivers and lubricants by removing condensate efficiently, and keep you in compliance with regulations regarding condensate disposal. Zabatt is also a great source for top quality alternative compressor lubricants. Our partial and full synthetic lubricants are specially formulated to deliver maximum service life, and meet or exceed manufacturer's specifications. Let us show you how to dramatically reduce your maintenance costs by cutting your annual compressor lubricant bill by hundreds of dollars- maybe more!.

Generator Fueling:

Zabatt can deliver both LP and diesel fuel to keep your generator tank filled, keeping your essential standby power source at full delivery potential when utility power is interrupted. Whether needed to sustain your business operations, or keep your residential lights and air conditioner running, Zabatt can meet your fueling requirements.

Fuel filtration/Conditioning Services:

Even though your generator's diesel fuel tank is full, if the fuel condition has not been maintained, you may have contaminants like water and algae waiting for the opportunity to foul your filters, and bring to a halt the production of electrical current you depend on when your generator is called into service. The new mandate for ultra-low sulphur content diesel fuel means your fuel supply could begin to deteriorate in 6-8 months, whereas the stored diesel fuel in the past might have remained viable for a few years. Zabatt can filter, treat, or replace your valuable stored fuel supply, ensuring it will be available for trouble-free use when the time comes.

Generator Installations:

You are better off having a seasoned professional perform the installation of your generator. Zabatt has performed hundreds of installations and our staff of qualified installers stay informed of current codes and regulations, and we have all the right equipment needed to affect a safe and proper installation. Don't gamble on having your generator installed by someone who may be less qualified, possibly endangering personnel or loved ones. And improper installation can void your generator warranty!.