Mission Statement

Zabatt is an organization of skilled passionate individuals determined to be the most respected supplier of products and services by each customer, Industry, and Community it serves; at all times maintaining integrity, safety, the dignity of every employee, and the stability of the business.

In the Media


Zabatt, founded in 1977 by Jose Sabatier, began as an engine rebuilding facility serving the North Florida and South Georgia industrial and commercial markets. Due to innovations in processes and procedures created and employed by Mr. Sabatier, including the early adoption of technology to create time tracking of operations and flat rate billing, an industry first, Zabatt quickly grew into one of the largest independent engine rebuilders in the nation with customers including Winn Dixie supermarkets, General Motors Electro-motive Division, and U-Haul among others. With the introduction of OEM engine exchange programs introduced in the early 1990s, the company’s leadership began to diversify its operations to include the repair and maintenance of air compressors and generators. Utilizing the same formula it did in the engine rebuilding business of incorporating technologies to improve productivity and efficiencies coupled with the tireless pursuit of excellence in quality of service and customer experience, Zabatt quickly became a leader in the air compressor service industry in Florida. In the ensuing years the company continued to grow and expand and in early 1992 Zabatt became a distributor for Quincy. With the increasing recognition Zabatt gained in the limited territory granted by Quincy and the desire to expand its air compressor division, the decision was made in early 2009 to align with Gardner Denver.  With offices already established in Orlando and Tampa the company was well poised to aggressively seek sales and service opportunities throughout the State.

Zabatt continues to be a loyal Gardner Denver distributor that is well regarded in the region both among customers and competitors. Zabatt’s history has been one of continued growth based on the principle of providing our customers the best experience in the industry. We constantly strive to recognize our market’s needs and continuously develop the services and employ the technologies necessary to meet those needs and differentiate Zabatt and Gardner Denver from the competition. We have grown to a team of 90 dedicated men and women who live and convey our culture of providing uncompromised service and to always exceed the customer’s expectations. Along with proudly offering Gardner Denver’s expanding line of products, Zabatt offers a full service sales department, expanded services such as turn-key project planning, design and management. With our Florida building and electrical licenses we are capable of taking air systems projects from the inception to commissioning phases, and with the comprehensive list of services offered, we are able to serve the customer well beyond the sale.

As Zabatt enters its 37th year in business, it has cultivated strong business relationships among a broad range of markets in Florida. Of note is Zabatt’s increasing penetration into end-user oriented markets like Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Industrial and commercial markets. Due in part to the economic slowdown that was especially pronounced in Florida, we refocused part of our sales efforts towards end-users in these markets that were in search of turn-key solutions. With a full-time licensed electrician and building contractor on staff, Zabatt has been able to offer its existing and new customers a single source solution. We continue to see positive trends and momentum in all verticals.