Energy Efficiency

  • Option to have a combination of cycling and variable speed technology to achieve unsurpassed energy savings.
  • Low pressure drop, non-fouling heat exchangers reduce energy consumption
  • Controls to monitor and maintain actual dewpoint while providing maximum part load energy savings.
  • Zero to 100% capacity allows single dryer application with multiple air compressors
  • No-loss drain valves eliminate waste of valuable compressed air
  • Ability to have the variable speed dryer cycle "off"
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant R404A.
  • Productivity and Reliability
  • Smooth modulation refrigeration system eliminates dewpoint spikes.
  • High efficiency 3 micron element in the separator protecting critical applications by removing coalesced water.
  • Heat exchangers designed with grooved tube sheets to provide reliable leak-free operation.
  • Heat exchanges backed by 10 year-warranty
  • 5 Year warranty package.
  • Soft starting refrigeration compressors provide longer service life.
  • Dewoint guarantee: 33-39° F from 0 to 100% load.
  • 100% refrigerant compressor back-up with auto switching


High Capacity Dryers

Zabatt is the Master Distributor for Gardner Denver and Domnick Hunter's high capacity air dryer which is designed to dry compressed air to a safe and manageable dew point. The high capacity dryers are able to provide constant dew points of 35 ° F with flow ranges exceeding 20,000 + CFM. Zabatt is very concerned about the energy efficiency of the air dryers we distribute. Energy efficiency has a direct impact on your businesses carbon footprint, but most of all affects the bottom line.

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