Energy Efficiency

Choosing the correct energy efficient refrigerated air dryer can be difficult. Most manufacturers try to tell you that a Thermal Mass Cycling Air dryer is more efficient if you have a varying air demand. However, if your air demand doesn't vary, a Gardner Denver RNC and RSD air dryer can be more efficient. For instance, if you match a similar sized cycling and non-cycling air dryers, at 100% utilization, you will find the total package KW of the non-cycling air dryer is less.

The Gardner Denver RSD Series can provide energy savings by using the RSD digital scroll model that automatically adjusts to your load. The RSD digital scroll mode lets your profit during anticipated shutdowns and restarts with no time lag. Not having to cool down thermal mass storage allows instantaneous savings and a constant dew point.


Air Dryer manufacturers rate their air dryers based on a 100° F inlet temperature, 100 PSIG inlet pressure and 100° F ambient temperature. TheGardner Denver, RNC and RSD refrigerated air dryer will maintain a constant dew point of 35-38° F. Other technologies such as Thermal Mass Cycling will have fluctuating dew points, resulting in water in the air.

Heat Exchangers

The Gardner Denver, RNC air dryer incorporates heat exchangers crafted from multiple offset layers of press formed ANSI 316 stainless steel. Press forming creates peaks and valleys that form media channels that optimize fluid turbulence. This results into minimal pressure drop.

Oil Removal

The Gardner Denver, RNC air dryer integrates a Grade E Cold Coalescing Oil Removal Filter. Oil droplets and aerosols are extracted from the air stream in cleaning it down to 0.008 ppm w/w and solids are trained down to 0.01 micron.

Efficient Design

The Gardner Denver, RNC air dryer components such as heat exchangers, refrigerant circuit, condensate separator and drain are readily accessible by removing the panels. The efficient design allows the need for additional floor space by integrated a Grade B 3 micron particulate filter and providing the option of a cold coalescing filter – Grade E (0.01 micron particulate/0.008 ppm oil removal).


  • Cycling Control
  • No pre-filter required
  • Minimal pressure drop
  • Stainless steel condensate separator
  • Quick access to components
  • Durable control cabinet
  • No air loss condensate drains
  • Optional: Cold coalescing separator filter
  • Optional: 3 valve block by-pass

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