Zabatt is the Master Distributor for Eurus MB Series Bi-Lobe Positive Displacement Blower and Vacuum Pumps. The MB Series blower is a heavy duty high quality blower.


Eurus MB Series blowers have a 2 year manufacturer's warranty. This warranty is the best in the industry


  • Pressure: 4-15 PSIG
  • 16" Hq Vacuum
  • Capacity: 92-3189 ICFM
  • Power: 3.5-183 HP
  • Max Speed: 4000 RPM


  • Heavy duty, oversized bearings designed for longer L10 life in industrial applications
  • Dual-splash aluminum tank design ensures gear and bearing longevity
  • One piece integrated ductile iron rotors and shafts, large shaft diameters, one piece high strength housing and one piece end plates reduce torsion and vibration.
  • Housings are designed for horizontal or vertical mounting configurations.
  • Multi-piston ring air and oil seals minimize maintenance costs and ensure delivery without oil and air cross contamination.
  • A viton lip seal on a wearable shaft sleeve with o-rings prevents oil from leaking and extends the life of the shaft.

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