Centrifugal Compressors


Ingersoll Rand offers  a full line of compressors, each designed for long-lasting performance, easy operation, and convenient service. No matter what your application, there is a centrifugal compressor from Ingersoll Rand to meet your exact requirements. With over 10,000 installations worldwide, on nearly every continent, Ingersoll Rand products are proven in a wide variety of industries including petroleum, chemical, and gas.

Our MSG® compressor series are engineered for your specific application. MSG compressors are availabe with a numerous configurations for flow requirements from 600 CFM to 90,000 CFM to a maximum of 20,000 horsepower and 1000 PSIG.

Ingersoll Rand's TURBO-AIR® series of plant air compressors offer outstanding performance and design flexibility for plant and process air applications. The TURBO-AIR compressors are completely packaged on a common base for easy installation and are available in a number of capacities from 112 to 1680 kW (150 to 2250 hp).

Ingersoll Rand's Centrifugal Process Gas Compressors are superior by design. Integral gear centrifugal compressors represent the latest technology offering significant advantages over outdated, less-efficient and more costly compressor designs. Cameron's Centrifugal Process Gas Compressors offer a wide range of features. No matter what application, there is a centrifugal compressor to meet your exact need requirements.