For sensitive applications in which oil contamination is extremely costly, EnviroAire water-injected rotary screw compressors are the true oil-free solution. Unlike many other “oil-free” compressors, EnviroAire packages contain absolutely no lubricating oil.

The EnviroAire Series - for Total Peace of Mind

  • Established and proven single-stage compression element
  • Significantly fewer moving parts means fewer wear items
  • Simplified construction with no interstage or final air coolers
  • Lower speeds and balanced bearing loads extend the compression element service life
  • Dependable direct-drive system
  • Cooler operating temperatures reduce component wear
  • No oil or oil laden parts to dispose of, saving time and expense


The EnviroAire's unique design features ensure reliable trouble-free operation and superior performance. 

Utilizing the industry’s most proven components, EnviroAire oil-less rotary compressors are not only reliable, but highly competitive. All EnviroAire compressors feature durable, twin gate rotors and a single stage direct driven compression element that was designed for water injection. By using a water-injected design, the gearbox is eliminated which means there is no need for oil lubrication and zero chance of contamination.

Benefits of superior design

  • Water injection allows for lower temperature rise which eliminates the need for a final air cooler and reduces pressure losses
  • No metal to metal mating parts and low pulsation levels ensure low vibration and noise levels
  • Sealed grease-lubricated main rotor bearings and water-lubricated gate rotor bearings extend rotor and bearing life
  • High efficiency water purification system filters the injection water entering the compressor to maintain a high water purity level and ensure reliable and trouble-free operation


Gardner Denver EnviroAire Series: A Superior Choice

The EnviroAire’s unique water-injected, variable speed design achieves lower speeds combined with lower operating temperatures—resulting in high efficiency and reduced component wear.

Water Injection means lower temperatures, and lower temperatures mean more efficient compression.