Power Rating


50Hz Packages

2.2 - 7.5 kW

Fixed Speed ESM 2-6 Series


Fixed Speed ESM, VS Variable 7-22 Series

22 - 30 kW

Fixed Speed ESM, Variable Speed VS 23-29 Series


Fixed Speed ESM, VS Variable 30-132 Series

160 - 500 k

Fixed Speed ESN/ESD 160-500 Series

75 - 220 kW

TurnValve SAV 100-300 Series

15 - 37 kW

OIL-FREE EnviroAire 15-37 Series

Compressor Controller GD Connect 4

Compressor Controller GD Connect 12

Oil Free Rotary Screw 50 & 60 Hz Compressor Packages

60Hz Packages

5 – 15hp


15 – 50hp


50 – 500hp

Electra -Saver

40, 50hp

Electra - Screw

15 – 200hp

Electra – Saver II

11-250kW (15-335hp)

VS Series

55-260kW (75-350hp)

VST Series

15-110kW (20-150hp)



50Hz, CE Approved Compressor Solutions

The GD rotary screw compressor range from 2.2 – 500 kW, are designed to meet the highest requirements which the modern work environment and machine operators place on them. As a result, the GD compressors are extremely energy efficient, quiet and reliable. These compressors continue to further strengthen Gardner Denver’s success story – variable and fixed speed compressor technologies available.

The OIL FREE GD EnviroAire range from 15 – 110 kW provides high quality and energy efficient compressed air for use in a wide range of applications. The totally oil-free design eliminates the issue of contaminated air, reducing the risk and associated cost of product spoilage and rework, particularly for those customers operating in sterile environments – variable and fixed speed compressor technologies available.

60Hz Packages

Gardner Denver rotary screw 60 Hz compressor packages range from 5 to 500 hp. Choose from a wide variety of rotary screw air compressors to fit all your needs from part load to full load applications, low purchase price to the greatest in energy efficiency, direct or belt driven to direct connected.

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