Does Zabatt offer generator and air compressor installation?

Yes. The service department at Zabatt is the backbone of our whole operation. Because of this, Zabatt works hard to ensure that our technicians and generator maintenance are the very best in the industry. Zabatt has technicians that specialize in generator and air compressor service and offer both air compressor and power generator installation.

Does Zabatt sell name brand generator parts?

Yes. Zabatt not only offers a complete line of commercial & home standby generator services, but also a full line of Generac parts. We are authorized distributors for Generac parts, Gardner Denver parts and many other names. Zabatt's parts department ships parts all over the world to people who settle for nothing less than the finest available name brand parts.

What support services does Zabatt offer? 

Zabatt offers a wide range of services from delivery to generator and air compressor installation, generator and compressor maintenance ,and fueling services.

Where is Zabatt located? 

Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida with generator service centers throughout the state, Zabatt has been providing equipment and generator maintenance to homeowners, businesses and industries across the region for more than 30 years. Zabatt is dedicated to giving people and communities throughout the Southeast access to the dependable power needed to keep their homes, businesses and other critical services running at all times. Zabatt currently has offices located in Jacksonville, Tampa and Orlando.

What is Zabatt?

Zabatt prides itself on being a full service generator company. As the local Industrial Distribution Center for Generac Power Systems, Zabatt is authorized to provide Sales, Service and Warranty for the entire Generac product line. We are also a National Parts Depot for Generac. This means that whether your application is Industrial, Commercial or Residential, Zabatt can see your project through from start to finish. We also offer generator installation on residential and some commercial projects. Zabatt also has a rental fleet of generators should you find you only have a temporary need for portable power.

How can I order parts?

At Zabatt, we like to deal with out customers on a one to one basis. This allows us learn the needs of each individual customer. Because of this combined with the large and changing nature of our Generac parts inventory, we do not have the take orders solely over the Internet. To place an order simply call us, or fill out the form on the order parts page. If you choose to send us an e-mail, simply give us a brief description of what you need along with the best way to contact you and we will get back to you ASAP.

How can I remotely monitor my unit?

Zabatt has a variety of options tailored to meet your needs. Our services range from basic wired local monitoring all the way to remote satellite and cellular monitoring with email and text capabilities from your generator on your network or a 3rd party network. This is a popular option when monitoring fuel levels at multiple remote sites is necessary, saving you time and effort visiting each site for a fuel level reading.

How do I know what size Generator/Compressor I need?

Zabatt has trained representatives that would be happy to visit your site and provide a detailed power analysis or an air audit. We can size your generator system or compressor system and also present you with energy efficient upgrades that will save you money. Most of our sizing and air audit visits are at no charge to you.

I have an emergency, how can I get (x) part/equipment?

Zabatt is available 24/7 with technicians and service staff on call. Call us at 1-800-366-1323 anytime, or email We have a large inventory of parts, and in the rare case that your part is not in stock, we can quickly locate and expedite what you need. Additionally, Zabatt has a full generator and compressor rental fleet to keep you up and running when your equipment is down.