Emergency Preparation Supplied

Mar 23, 2012

Emergencies happen to everyone at some point. Due to their very nature they are unexpected and often people are unprepared for them. Having the right tool at the right time can make the difference between comfortable convenience and miserable or dangerous conditions. When a person is involved in a power outage of some kind, having a backup power supply is essential. 

For some industries, a power outage can be devastating to supply of its product, job security of its employees and the contribution of the company to the economy. Homeowners can also be devastated by a power outage emergency as can hospitals. Air compressors and regular compressor maintenanceare part of a successful emergency preparedness plan.

Florida’s Jacksonville-based company, Zabatt Power Systems, makes it its business to see that residents and businesses are never caught in an emergency without preparation. As a proud supplier of Gardner Denver parts and equipment, it has everything needed to ensure backup power is available in these situations. Industrial companies, medical services and auto body shops can depend on products and service from Zabatt Power Systems to meet their industry’s power needs. 

Some industries and automotive shops depend on Zabatt’s distribution of Gardner Denver parts which manufactures the Hydrovane. This type of air compressor is classified as an oil-flooded rotary vane one, and it is a leading brand for energy efficiency and lower cost of operation. 

Zabatt Power Systems is also the master distributor for Gardner Denver parts such as the PowerEx oil-free reciprocating air compressor and the Kobelco rotary screw air compressor. Industry and automotive companies depend on this company for power supply and daily operation. Quality supplies are essential to creating the best products and servicing a customer’s automobile. 

Hospitals use air compressors for patients with lungs unable to breathe hospital air. These machines provide oxygen for patients with delicate lungs or breathing problems. Even small children often need breathing help, so the air compressor is a life-saving device within the medical community. Portable models are even available when emergency help is required.

Zabatt goes beyond simply supplying the parts needed for efficient business operation, however. Its employees provide scheduled compressor maintenance for industrial, automotive and medical companies. While a product may be superior, regular use can decrease its effectiveness. Therefore, Zabatt only employs experienced professionals to service the products used by its customers. This company is so dedicated to proper compressor maintenance that it even offers training classes for those interested in this field. Who better to teach than Florida’s leading company for all compressor and generator needs? 

When a power outage occurs, whether planned or in an emergency situation, Zabatt Power systems is the best place to rent anything needed to providebackup power for homes or businesses. There is no reason to shut down a company or go without power in a home within Zabatt’s region of Florida and South Georgia. Among the compressor options it has available for rent are diesel portables, electric, air hose and oil free. For some products, employees deliver and install the system as a service to its customers. Emergencies happen; but with Zabatt Power Systems, Jacksonville can always be prepared.