What Is Needed In Case of Power Outage

Mar 23, 2012

Nearly every home in the United States depends on some type of power supply to function. Most businesses are even more dependent on electricity for operation since customers expect continued production and service. A power outage, even of short duration, can be devastating to a business. Even homeowners can be greatly affected by a loss of power. 

Statistics show that loss of power supply is occurring more frequently and for longer time periods than ever before. While extreme weather if often cited as the reason for this, experts believe the aging electrical grid is a contributor. 

When the unexpected occurs, it is important to have a backup power supply. While people have traditionally used batteries in cases like these; they have proven to be ineffective, especially if the power outage extends for a longer period of time. An emergency generator is essential for industrial companies and convenient for homeowners as well.

A Generac power system is the leading brand for homes and businesses alike. Their emergency generator runs quietly and provides uninterrupted operation of industry and powered appliances in the home. One often overlooked need for an emergency generator is the ability to run networked computers without losing data and allowing them to remain online even in a sudden power outage. Access to computer data and inventory is crucial to the running of a business.

A top Generac power system dealer in Florida and Georgia is Zabbatt Power Systems. This company recognizes the importance of continued power supply at other companies, and it makes an effort to provide businesses and homes with all they need to continue normal function in the face of an emergency. It carries the full range of Generac power system products, and offers services for existing generators such as maintenance and fueling. 

Zabbatt provides generators for home use as well. Many Americans are working from home now, and data loss could be just as devastating for them as for an on-site business. The Census Bureau estimates that one in two homes have a home business. These homes can benefit from a standby generator so no power loss occurs. 

Other losses could occur if the family stores a lot of refrigerated or frozen food. Heating and cooling often require an electrical supply, and going without these for a long period of time can be dangerous, especially if residents include infants or elderly people. Practicality dictates the use of electricity in most cooking processes in modern homes.

Many industries use a gas compressor for operation. This is a viable option when electricity is not available. No external power source is needed in pipeline transport when a gas compressor is used. They are also helpful in situations where small volumes of gas need to be stored such as in medical equipment or in the welding process. Zabatt Power Systems carries products and parts for these compressors just as they do for generators. They also service them and schedule regular maintenance for them. 

Home workshops greatly benefit from a gas compressor as well. Various projects call for its use. Automotive shops use them frequently; and in an economy where many automobile owners are saving labor costs by doing the work themselves, gas compressors are worthy investments.