Miami Business Top Ways To Deal With Hurricane Threat

Jun 14, 2012

Florida is hit with hurricanes almost every month of the year. There was only one year where Florida didn’t see any hurricanes. That’s one year in 150 years of reporting. Miami businesses could pack up and leave, but instead they stay, knowing weather doesn’t have to be the final predictor of success. The key is to be prepared for the worst while you hope for the best.

The biggest threat to most Miami businesses isn’t the storm itself. The real threat is that hurricanes and their cousins, thunderstorms, are sure to down electric lines and take out power. Power outages aren’t limited to where the lightning struck or the hurricane came ashore. Power outages can ripple out to communities that never even felt the rain or the wind. The best way to deal with this threat is to purchase a back-up system, a generator that Miami businesses can trust. A basic emergency generator saves more than the lights. It protects critical data until the computers can be safely shut down. An advanced emergency generator in Miami may do more than this.

Beyond purchasing a generator, Miami businesses look to solutions like Zabatt’s power management model. This include a Generac power generator, automatic standby generator and/or a Gardner Denver air compressor. Zabatt handles Uninterrupted Power Supply solutions for any size network. Zabatt can work with your business to develop a power generation plan that will protect your security and your data during short term and long term outages. This is critical to the maintenance of everything from enterprise servers to individual desktop computers. Since many phone systems utilize computers these days, Generac and UPS systems often keep computerized phones operational as well.

Preparing a crisis management plan makes smart business sense especially in Miami. Your employees won’t waste valuable time trying to reconstruct or re-input data. Your employees can continue doing business and your clients can continue to be served. The more you plan ahead, the more you will save in the long run.

Zabatt also provides generator fueling and, of course, maintenance. Businesses turn to Zabatt for contingency planning including rapid deployment and responsiveness, risk minimization, planning and response, and quick recovery from unexpected power losses. Zabatt sells and leases both the Generac power generator and the Gardner Denver Air Compressor.

A hurricane business plan starts with power generation. From there, business managers can plan with employees how to maintain critical business functions. Maintaining functions allows the business to serve their clients, reach new customers and pay employees for work instead of unanticipated vacation time. This may be critical to the company’s bottom line. It is also a potential money-maker for a firm that can stay open when others in Miami must close down. This puts your business on the top of the heap.

Don’t get caught without a business plan to survive a power outage, especially a long one. To stay on top, Miami businesses of all sizes need a Generac power generator, a Gardner Denver air compressor or UPS solutions. Zabatt can help your business compete even when the hurricanes threaten. With the plan in place, and the equipment you need, your business could be making money even in a crisis.