Case Study: Atlantic Precision

Feb 27, 2017

Atlantic Precision side.JPG

SITE:  Atlantic Precision

INSTALLER:  Zabatt Power Systems

SYSTEM OVERVIEW:  Aksa 250KW diesel generator, 24 hr base tank, Asco 400A transfer switch, Toshiba 225kva UPS system.

STORY:  Atlantic Precision was regularly affected by brown-outs and utility outages. Their start-of the-art equipment was sensitive to these conditions, and restarting them resulted in excessive down-time. Zabatt sized and installed a back up generator and UPS system to ensure no loss of productivity. Zabatt’s turn-key abilities and comprehensive product offering maintain us as a leader in standby power solutions throughout Florida.  Atlantic Precision offers cutting-edge 3D metal machining, design & build for the aviation, power and marine industries. Please visit them at