May 2018 Newsletter

May 3, 2018

We’re Ready to Help Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities with the New Backup Power Requirement.


Recently Florida Governor, Rick Scott, signed bills mandating backup power in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. June 1, 2018, the start of the Hurricane season is the deadline for the new law to be implemented but there can be an extension granted in certain circumstances. The Hurricane Forecast for 2018 calls for fourteen named storms, seven hurricanes and three major hurricanes during the season which typically runs from June 1st to November 30th. This is slightly above historical averages.

The new legislation requires backup power sources that could continue to maintain cooling systems in the event of an outage and require power sources that can be portable, but must provide at least 30 square feet of cool space for each resident.

Nursing homes and larger assisted living facilities must have enough fuel onsite for at least 72 hours. Smaller assisted living facilities with fewer than seventeen beds would be required to only have 48 hours of fuel on site. Nursing homes will also be required to have equipment that can control indoor temperatures for 96 hours after an outage and maintain an ambient temperature of no more than 81 degrees. Costs for facilities to comply with the new legislation could top $243 million. 

Here is the specific Assisted Living Law: Assisted Living Law – Florida  and the Nursing Home law: Nursing Home Law – Florida

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance with the new legislation. “Our team has been hard at work helping facilities throughout Florida implement the law, says Sales Manager, Jeremy Siegel. We are working tirelessly to ensure that nursing homes and assisted living centers are following the letter of the law and protecting their residents with systems they can count on.”


Is Your Generator Ready for Hurricane Season?


With Summer storms and Hurricane season right around the corner there’s no better time than the present to make sure your standby power system is ready for an outage. When is the last time you tested your system? How about an inspection and/or preventative maintenance?  There are many working parts on a typical standby system that need to be inspected and maintained to ensure optimum performance:

  • Engine
  • Fuel and Fuel Storage
  • Voltage Regulator
  • Filters
  • Engine Cooling System
  • Alternator
  • Batteries
  • Paralleling Switchgear
  • Automatic and Manual Transfer Switches

We recommend having your generator serviced by one of our certified technicians. We service all makes and models of generators from residential to small business to industrial-sized systems. We also offer 24/7 emergency service.


Compressor News: Gardner Denver Launches a Revolution in Oil-Free Technology


Gardner Denver is excited to enhance our oil-free product line with the launch of the Ultima U-Series, the most efficient water-cooled, two-stage, variable speed, oil-free compressor in its class, with up to 13% greater efficiency than the nearest competitor. Additionally, Ultima’s air quality meets ISO 8573-1 Class 0, the most stringent class and is also certified silicone-free which is critical for many applications. This new product is a valuable addition to our existing oil-free product portfolio and allows us to access new markets with a best in class product. 

Product Range
Ultima is a ground breaking PureAir oil-free compressor that is available from 75-160 kW producing flows of 247-842 CFM. Ultima features a pressure range of 58-145 psig and is completely programmable within this range. These oil-free compressors are available as water-cooled only with an optional remote air cooler package and can be utilized for both 60Hz (460V) and 50Hz (400V) applications.

What Makes the Ultima so Unique? 
This next generation compressor utilizes high efficiency low and high pressure two-stage dry screw airends. Each airend is individually driven by a variable speed permanent magnet synchronous motor, and each motor operates at 97% efficiency. Due to its breakthrough water-cooled design, Ultima provides up to 70% turndown, delivers low off-load power consumption (8kW), has a 37% smaller footprint, maintains 63-69 dBA noise performance and offers maximum heat recovery. What makes Ultima so unique – just about everything!


Remote Monitoring Made Easy

With over 6,500 generators and compressors under maintenance contract, you can imagine remote monitoring is a common request. However, some manufacturers and 3rd parties offer a product that is complicated to set up and activate, has forms to complete, and charges a barrage of on-going monthly fees. 

We’re proud to announce that we have developed our own, simple to use, feature-rich remote monitoring device! Introducing Zabatt One-Link! Our system includes WIFI, Ethernet, and Cellular connectivity, almost any control platform, is GPS integrated with Google Maps, and sends email and text alerts! Best of all, everything is bundled into one low price and is extremely easy to setup. We are even including our web-based dashboard where you can monitor all of your equipment in real-time from any device! Check out our live demo: