Feb 27, 2023

Most new generator purchases include a standard manufacturer warranty, but what happens when that warranty runs out? If you’re tired of unplanned power outages, investing in an extended warranty for your generator will keep your business operating at full speed. Power outages have a tremendous financial impact on your business, and one of the best ways to tackle these issues is by investing in an extended warranty. If your generator is used often, you’ll have the added expense of repairs and maintenance the older your generator becomes.

Replacing an expensive generator component or the entire machine can be daunting and hit your budget hard. Any downtime could mean expensive repair services and potential business loss. That’s why it’s a good idea to get a generator warranty that covers all the factory defects, parts and labor, from the date of purchase until the warranty expires.

It’s worth understanding how warranties work and why they’re beneficial. Below, we will cover a few reasons why an extended generator warranty is beneficial to you and your business.


Businesses and industries rely on power for everything, from running machinery to keeping employees comfortable and more. Power outages in commercial buildings can not only mean a loss in revenue, but it can also cause IT challenges, safety issues, security risks, and a reduction in customer trust for all types of businesses. When an emergency generator cannot operate, the facility is at risk of having zero backup power, potentially resulting in downtime, safety concerns, critical loss, and liability. When your standard generator warranty expires, you want to make sure you have an extended warranty in place to minimize unexpected costs.


Scheduling maintenance services on a routine basis allows your facility to budget for these items ahead of time. This prevents the need to get approval to replace maintenance items at an unexpected time, such as the point of an equipment failure. You also have more control over the service bill since the cost for routine maintenance is typically predetermined, rather than incurring the expense of an emergency service call. If an extended warranty is in place, you’ll be protected against the rising costs of labor and material. Often, a maintence program is required during a factory warranty period.


When an unexpected failure occurs, such as a broken fan belt, the generator could be out of commission until a technician arrives, assesses the failure, locates the required part, and makes the necessary repair. There’s always a risk that the technician may not have the exact part needed on his service truck, which would require additional site visits and possible delays to order the part. By replacing these generator maintenance items routinely according to your service providers recommendations, the risk of unexpected failure and downtime is greatly reduced. It’s better to be proactive than deal with an emergency repair.


A factory-certified technician not only helps comply with the terms of your warranty, they’re also familiar the details and repairs that are covered. A certified technician can provide repairs or other services on behalf of the manufacturer. Without an extended warranty, you’re responsible for the full cost of parts and labor of any repairs needed. Warranties can vary from a basic 2 year, to an extended 10 year in many cases.

When purchasing a new generator, it’s important to check with your Zabatt salesman on which manufacturer offers extended warranties for extra protection. At Zabatt Power Systems, our expert sales team will guide you in choosing the best generator to suit all your business needs! Contact us today for a complimentary consultation!