Pros & Cons: New vs. Used Generators

Jul 26, 2022

When shopping for a new or used generator, it’s important to have a wide range of knowledge of products on the market. This will ensure the generator you purchase will fulfill your needs and fit your budget. Other factors to consider when purchasing a generator are power requirements, space, fuel type, and cost. We cover a few of these important factors here.

Generators for business operations, industrial applications, and high performance facilities are a critical asset when faced with power outages. A dependable generator will create a smooth and safe work environment for employees, decrease downtime, and reduce profit loss.

Here are few pros and cons to consider when buying new or used-


New generators are usually made to order, leaving little room for flexibility on modifications. This creates quite a large time gap between the purchase and delivery date. The availability of new generators is often limited due to manufacturing distributors long waiting periods. This is a key factor when you have an immediate need for back-up power.

Purchasing a used generator drastically reduces the lead time and ensures a quicker turnaround after purchase. Most are readily available for many commercial or industrial needs and have undergone rigorous testing and maintenance. This makes used generators one of the best choices for businesses that may need back-up power right away.


The primary benefit of purchasing a new generator is that it will be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Warranties usually last two years (but can be extended to 10 years) and ensure that the owner will not be financially responsible for any unforeseen mechanical failures. The extent of a warranty’s coverage varies between manufacturers and often hinges upon the intended use of the generator, as well as performing regular maintenance. As with any expensive purchase, this kind of coverage can provide great comfort to the buyer.

However, it’s possible to find used generators that may still be covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. Some companies that deal in used generators will provide limited guarantees on their own refurbished products. If you are considering purchasing a used generator, be sure to ask the seller if any sort of warranty or guarantee is included up front. If it’s included, this should increase your buying confidence significantly.


Used products like diesel generators, diesel engines, natural gas generators and natural gas engines are just a few products that will likely to satisfy your energy and reliability needs at a substantially lower price than a new product. Most used generators will not be insured to the extent that a new one would due to usage. Therefore, it is imperative that you learn the usage history of any used generator before considering a purchase. Ask the seller questions like – “Was the generator used primarily for standby power or was it used for prime power? What type of environment did the generator operate in? Are maintenance records available?” If the generator was primarily used for standby power, it probably has far less wear and tear than if it was continuously powering heavy machinery or a vast electrical system. Fewer hours likely means fewer problems you’ll encounter with your generator. If you still have reservations about buying a used product, remember that industrial generators are built to be reliable over the long haul.

New generators are certainly attractive due to the confidence a buyer gains from new technology and protective warranties. This might be an ideal purchase for larger companies that value security, can abide a lengthy wait, and most importantly, have a larger budget


There’s not a right answer when it comes to considering which generator you should buy for your business or industrial application. Aside from lead time, warranties, and cost efficiency, the selection of a generator for commercial or industrial applications should also be done through a reputable dealer.

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