Zabatt Power Systems is Here For You

Oct 4, 2022

The team at Zabatt Power Systems sincerely hopes you, your family, and neighbors are safe and well after Hurricane Ian.

The Zabatt Power Systems team is deep into recovery and support efforts for all Florida customers. Despite severe damage, extensive flooding, and debris scattered throughout the state of Florida, our Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and South Florida offices are open and ready to support ANY generator needs our customers have sustained. Our team has prioritized their efforts, focusing on critical customers with the highest storm impact including utility, telecom, and medical facilities customers.

We are currently engaged in massive service and repair operations to make sure our customers generators are running smoothly until power is restored. Our expert service team is confident we have experienced and prepared service crews available to keep your home or operation running 24×7. 

Zabatt Power Systems has been your emergency power provider since 1977. Zabatt’s history has been one of continued growth based on the principle of providing our customers the best experience in the industry, no matter the circumstances.

Our service team is standing by 24/7/365 days to help our customers during this difficult time.

Our emergency service line is open and can be reached by calling 1-800-366-1323.